How was Gestalt Law of Closure implemented in my Logo?

What is the scenario in which law of Closure comes into picture?

When the designer hides or obscures a portion of a design element because of which, the user cannot see a whole object, there is a closure occurring at that time using human visual perceptual bias.

What does Gestalt Law of Closure state?

Gestalt principles for visual perceptual organisation state the innate tendency of the human mind to fill in the gaps when objects, elements and visual scenes are incomplete and state how human perception ‘adds’ the information to the visual information available to create a complete visual scene.

This is referred to as the law of closure, a Gestalt principle of perceptual organisation.

Here is my logo design with Law of Closure:

Hope,  the ‘Law of  Closure’ of visual perceptual bias helps you fill the missing information in this logo!



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